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Better hiring decisions with the power of Gooroo technology

An end-to-end recruitment platform, so you can make more efficient and confident decisions about hiring.

The real cost of recruitment

In Australia, it’s estimated the cost of recruitment can be upwards of 50% of a person’s salary.

These are challenging times for employers and employees alike. Employers are struggling to define the workforce of the future; employees are worried that the workforce won’t include them. In a rapidly changing workplace, it’s critical to efficiently and accurately recognise the right person for the right role.


Better hiring

The Gooroo platform calculates an individual’s fit to an open role, by analysing the benchmarked requirements of the role, team and culture. The behavioural and decision-making characteristics of candidates are aggregated and ranked.

Our detailed reporting platform enhances the candidate experience, and ensures a more informed hiring strategy.


The Gooroo difference


Predictive analytics

Analyse an individual’s skills, competencies, passion, work style and mindset, against the skill and mindset requirements of an open role



Add science to help qualify the behavioural, mindset and decision-making requirements of a role



Increase accuracy and speed by understanding the alignment of candidates to role requirements, in real time


Candidate experience

Enhance the candidate experience by providing unique insights, higher quality interviews, and better understanding of role and career alignment



Share open roles within the platform with external recruiters, for an efficient, integrated sourcing funnel where shortlisted applicants appear in one ranked list



Access detailed candidate and role reports to support decision making and to share internally, with the hiring manager and candidate


Save time and cost with Gooroo People Analytics

Put simply, there is no other tool like it, anywhere.
- Understand individuals and teams
- Define role success benchmarks
- Match people to roles
- Screen applicants for fit
- Evaluate cultural alignment
- Build profiled talent communities
- And more


Platform modules

Gooroo Mindspace evaluates individual mindsets and workstyles, evaluates teams, assesses cultural alignment and readiness for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism.

Gooroo People helps organisations build enriched talent banks to access to qualified talent, and inform talent development and re-skilling strategies.

Gooroo Match intelligently screens and ranks all (internal & external) candidates for an open role based on skills, experience and mindset, evaluated against a company's success benchmark.

Gooroo Share enables the sharing of open roles third parties (eg. recruitment agencies). The platform dynamically aggregates and ranks all shortlisted applicants received from these parties, in a consistent format, dramatically reducing the time and effort in talent search and screening.

Gooroo Jobs allows you to create a job role and accept applicants. The platform dynamically ranks all candidates.

Gooroo Insights provides analytics on the international ITC/Digital job market to inform hiring strategy in this critical sector.


Workshops and training


Customised team workshops extend on the insights generated from within the Gooroo platform. These sessions are to support a better understanding of the thinking patterns that team members commonly apply to their work, and any bias that may impact outcomes. Techniques are provided to begin the journey to diversifying their thinking, enabling them to collaborate, and deliver better decisions around the problems and challenges they face in their everyday roles.


Clients we’re working with


What they’re saying


“We recognised Gooroo’s technology as world-leading. Gooroo is of enormous value in our ability to build scale into our operations, reduce risk and prepare us for the future.”

Michelle Ridsdale, ex People Director - Readify


It really is brain science


Gooroo is integrating over 40 years of work by Dr Colin Benjamin, a scientist, polymath, theorist and researcher. Utilising the science behind Gooroo tech, we can accurately map every individual’s pattern of decision-making within 4 minutes of interaction with that person.

We’re able to predict how an individual is likely to engage and make decisions, and can produce this insight on a global scale.


Align people with careers they’ll love

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How do I access the platform?
Gooroo is a secure, cloud-based software platform accessible from anywhere in the world.

How long does it take to get up and running?
While you can get started with Gooroo within days. we will also work with you to define an implementation plan. Our Professional development programs support your understanding of the science and will maximise the benefits from the insights delivered.

Does Gooroo support job applications?
Yes, applicants can apply directly via Gooroo. Once your administrator or hiring manager defines the role requirements in Gooroo (skill and Mindspace), an apply link is generated. Further, you can actively match your requirements to existing members of your Gooroo talent community and invite them to apply for your role.

What makes Gooroo different?
Gooroo is like no other as it uses the science of human thinking at its core. Gooroo provides totally unique capability that delivers role, team and cultural fit.

Does Gooroo offer a partner program?
Yes, we partner with consulting groups, recruitment firms, system integrators and other service providers . If you are interested in learning more about becoming a partner, contact us.

How much does it cost?
Gooroo licences are calculated based on the organisation size or an estimate of number of people to be profiled and managed each year. Typically, this incorporates a licence fee and small amount per person added . Training, implementation and other advisory services are additional charges.