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Gooroo delivers impact and value through three core solutions; Strategic Thinking & Decisioning, Predictive People Analytics and Career & Professional Development.

Strategic Thinking & Decisioning

Gooroo's Human Thinking Research Unit and Advisory team help you apply the right tools at each step of the transformation process; based on the people you’re designing for and the complexity of the environment in which you operate.

Predictive People Analytics

Gooroo's predictive People Analytics technology helps you to shape your future by understanding your potential, lifting your capacity for change, and preparing  people, teams, organisation and communities for growth and happier, more fulfilling lives.

Professional Development

Gooroo's 1 to 5 day professional development programs are designed for individuals and leadership teams to develop their understanding of human thinking and how it is applied to improve decisions and tackle problems of all sizes.



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“Gooroo has demonstrated to us that their technology is at the leading edge. We are excited about bringing this capability to our customers as they prepare themselves for the future of work.”


Frank Ribuot, CEO Randstad (ANZ, South-East Asia & India)