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Setting strategic direction for the Board and C-suite

Company overview

A leading Agile Consulting firm that works from within to unlock the promise of agility. Through advisory, coaching and training, the firm helps organisations create the muscle memory that enables them to rapidly respond to customer demand.

the challenge

Assessing and setting an ambitious transformational strategy in an ecosystem undergoing disruption.

The solution

  • Mapping how different stakeholders think and make decisions, enabling the Board and management to diversify their thinking

  • Leveraging key Gooroo tools, models and applications to review and determine the vision and mission

  • Clarity around key outcomes and immediate priorities to be addressed


“The Gooroo toolkit helped us understand the natural biases of our Leadership Team in the aggregate. It clarified our blind spots and helped explain our areas of underperformance. This allowed us to maintain focus on previously under represented perspectives in the formulation of our strategies.”

Executive Chairman



  • Gained insight on the levels of cultural alignment and diversity across the Board and management team

  • Stronger understanding of the dynamics and pressures present across short term/long term, external /internal focus and strategy/operations

  • Actionable and prioritized recommendations for the Board and management teams


“Gooroo gave us the tools to identify the strengths and weaknesses in our Leadership Team and ensured we could bring together a diverse team. They gave us an understanding of our blind spots to ensure that we could apply diverse perspectives to review and reformulate our strategy.”

Executive Chairman


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