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We are committed to supporting the growth of our partners by delivering market-leading capability that sets them apart.

Gooroo Partners

We work with our partners to design, complement and integrate Gooroo technology and science to deliver solutions that create competitive edge and something more valuable for their clients.


There are three types of Gooroo partnerships:

Consulting partners are focused on enhancing an existing service or product offering through the integration of Gooroo technology, data and frameworks.

Technology partners will either build new products and services that leverage the Gooroo platform and APIs, or are authorised to integrate Gooroo with third party systems.

Distribution partners are authorised to on-sell Gooroo technology.


Market applications


Human Capital

Consulting and Services
Quantify the level of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism thinking in an organisation and its level of thinking diversity at individual, team and organisational level. Complement and create new services from Gooroo’s data and tracking capabilities.

Add more value to the clients using your technology by adding new levels of human thinking insight by connecting with Gooroo’s Mindspace API.



Consulting and Services
Provide new insights into customer and prospect data to help clients better understand and engage with their customers.

Integrate Gooroo’s tools into your technology to create new customer experience capability, with a greater understanding of who your customers are and how to engage with them to improve effectiveness and conversion.



Consulting and Services
Support career pathway, learning and development decisions using Gooroo career mapping technology.

Integrate Gooroo’s Career and Mindspace APIs in to your platform to provide personal reporting, career and job recommendations.


We partner with innovative organisations who are meeting complex issues and challenging how things stand.


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