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Gooroo began full scale development in 2013 after CEO and Founder Greg Muller, recognised an inherent problem in the way people looked for jobs, and the way employers looked for talent. The recruitment sector was stale, inefficient and in need of an overhaul.

With IT professionals graduating from universities at unprecedented levels, their engagement in the job search and ongoing career progression process was at an all time high. What they needed was a platform that matched their personal skills, experiences, qualifications and values to an opportunity and a career. They needed insight into what makes for a successful career, what skills they required and what salary they could earn. They needed to know how to get the career that would give them the freedom to achieve what they wanted to achieve. Alongside this, technologies such as machine learning and those associated with big data have maturity that allows the job market to be analysed in a way that has never before been possible.

Gooroo has been harnessing the modern developments in technology and science while spending time listening (to individuals and hirers). This has allowed us to release tools that we expect will transform the way talent do the work they want, and employers find them.