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The power to unlock better decisions

In less than 5 minutes, uncover how you approach decision making and engage in life and at work.

We believe the world is happier when we have hope and expect something more and better for our life.

We believe that a better understanding of how we think and make decisions helps to connect people with opportunity where they're more likely to thrive and be successful.

We believe that innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial skills are available to everyone.


Instead of the usual labelling of people into one of sixteen personality pictures, Gooroo Mindspace accepts that there are distinct patterns of decision making that are used at various stages in life, that can change from time to time, and are impacted by emerging opportunities.

The Gooroo ColourGrid™ is a unique way of representing the Mindspace of a person.


What you can learn


Get to know yourself

Learn more about the way you make up your mind, and gain a deeper understanding of your preferences, approaches to work, decision-making, learning styles and relationships.


Understand others

By understanding how others are motivated and make decisions, you’re able to create more personalised and effective connections.


Shape your future

Understand your potential, lift your capacity for change, and prepare people, teams, organisations and communities for growth and happier, more fulfilling lives.


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