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Gooroo technology is powering marketing and communications solutions

Know with certainty how your customers make choices, so you can make faster, more confident decisions about marketing spend.

It all starts with a question

It could be, who are my customers, what motivates them to buy, or how do we communicate with them? Often, there’s only one chance to cut through the noise and get it right. Mistakes can cost money, relationships and trust.

Using disconnected data and measurement criteria means losing out on potentially profitable relationships.


Imagine knowing how everyone thinks

It’s possible, right now. Gooroo gives you the tools and intelligence to create meaningful communications that will resonate.

Gooroo’s platform can bring together any human data set assets that are available, analyse them to find relationships, and produce clusters of thinking which show the different approaches to decision making for different customer segments.


Now your data has meaning, you can put it to work


Communication strategy, creative development and targeting

Develop tailored campaigns that resonate with your customers when and where they are most receptive


Product and portfolio development

Ensure the products you build are right for your customers, make improvements and/or develop new products


Customer retention and acquisition

Understand more about your best customers and prospects, how to communicate to them, their approach to decision making, their likelihood to convert or upsell and where to find more of them


Data enrichment

Enrich your database with information about how your customers think


Why Gooroo


“Gooroo is now closing the divide between marketing data, ad data and creative research data. It’s giving meaning to that data, and telling us what the next best offer to put in front of that audience will be. For one common goal ... return on ad spend.”

Jason Tonelli | CEO, Performics Australia & NZ (a Publicis company)


The Gooroo difference



Informs creative development, communications strategy, personalisation, product and portfolio development.



Traditional custom research studies can take weeks or even months to deliver insight. Gooroo can deliver meaningful and actionable intelligence in just days.



Gooroo works with the data you have available today. There’s no need to make additional data investment to get the meaning you need.


What gooroo delivers

Customer Mindsets

Uncover something completely new about your customers. Get to know how your customers think. Understand what motivates them. Know how to engage them, create meaningful experiences, and where to find more of them.


Customer Data Enrichment

Gooroo enriches your customer data platform with the mindsets that best match your customers, so you know what to communicate and who has the highest likelihood to convert.



  • Better media buying decisions

  • Deliver a message to a known audience with complete confidence that it’s understood and resonates

  • Certainty that brand values and product messaging are aligned to the customers you want to target

  • Motivate customer engagement and action


It really is brain science


Gooroo is integrating over 40 years of work by Dr Colin Benjamin, a scientist, polymath, theorist and researcher.

Utilising the science behind Gooroo tech, we can accurately map every individual’s pattern of decision-making within 4 minutes of interaction with that person.

We’re able to predict how an individual is likely to engage and make decisions, and can produce this insight on a global scale.


Amplify your next campaign with Gooroo Marketing technology

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