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Gain a deep understanding the customers true decision-making drivers. Enhance your organisations capability to deliver ROI by understanding how people think.

  • ColourGrid® background

  • ICOSA thinking pathways

  • Thinking for growth (ICE, etc.)

  • Brain, Mind, Consciousness

  • ColourGrid® interpretation

  • 12 months mentoring

Learn how to identify and unlock the potential of people in the organisation. Increase workforce performance by understanding how people think and engage in their work. Work more strategically, with an innovative solution, to deliver better outcomes from your work and projects. Ensure that teams are covering all aspects of thinking when coming up with solutions to the problems they face

Transform the way your teams approach challenging problems in your industry and organisations. 720° strategic thinking

  • ICE thinking for growth

  • Collaboration models

  • ColourGrid® background

  • ARMS

  • Strategic Thinking Soccerball©

Learn new and powerful ways to shape strategy and deliver growth for your organisation. Develop the ability to unlock the potential of people to better adapt to the changing environment, and learn techniques to identify the opportunities that challenges present.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Learn how to read and interpret the ColourGrid.

  • ColourGrid® background

  • ColourGrid® interpretation

  • 3 months mentoring

Develop new ways of thinking about decision-making processes, communication styles and performance. Understand different thinking patterns and how they can be best applied to solve problems. Gain deeper insight into people and a common language to talk about thinking processes.

Learners will be given a complete introduction to the Gooroo program. Using our e-book written by Dr Colin Benjamin, 'How we make up our minds' as the core, you will progress through a conceptual theory of the drivers of change and choice and how they are seen in the ColourGrid, to the importance and encouragement of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurism across teams and organisations. 

This course will provide learners with customised knowledge, that establishes the frameworks for further theory, concepts and practice with the Gooroo platform, our goals and application in your organisation.