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Case studies


Kinetic IT

Company overview

Kinetic IT is one of Australia’s leading providers of ICT managed services to large and complex IT environments across corporate, resources, utilities, government and transport sectors.

the challenge

Kinetic IT needed to better understand their staff beyond core skills and job functions in order to improve team design and workforce planning for stronger performance and increase profitability.

The solution

Use Gooroo platform to gain insight into key elements of an individual’s mindset, such as their decision-making preferences, responses to certain situations, workplace perceptions, possible approach to work and life motivations.


“The automation technology Gooroo provides will enable greater insights to assist us to work more efficiently and with great precision."

Michael North, Chief Executive Officer, Kinetic IT



  • Deployed easy-to-use, scalable people analytics platform that integrated seamlessly with existing infrastructure.
  • Gained actionable insights about the cultural alignment and performance of their teams by identifying the dynamics and pressures present within an existing team, and therefore where and how to improve them for improved performance.
  • Gained a measurable view of each team which can be used as a benchmark to measure the impact of their development plans and account strategies.
  • In addition to effective team design and workforce planning, Kinetic IT are now using the Gooroo platform to help with talent acquisition and the development of new staff coming into the business.  

“These are the most insightful, accurate and actionable team evaluations I have ever seen, and I have seen many over the years.” 

Rowena Stocks, General Manager – Organisational Capability, Kinetic IT


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