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Design more collaborative, adaptive and growth-minded teams.

Team performance

Gooroo technology profiles teams to provide the predictive people analytics that support transformation. Realise better performing teams, define growth pathways for every individual and measure barriers to cultural alignment.


Talent acquisition

Gooroo’s advanced matching technology helps achieve a better fit by matching people to roles and teams. Define your role requirements and profile your applicants based on their preferred work style, mindset, skills and passions.


About Gooroo

“We’re working with companies in areas such as recruitment, bringing together high-performing teams, and with their transformation, as they look to see how they best shape their organisation for the future. All of this is built on our technology, that understands how different people think and make decisions, in their work and in their lives.”

Greg Muller - CEO and founder, Gooroo | Tom Brown - Chairman, Gooroo


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What they’re saying


“These are the most insightful, accurate and actionable team evaluations I have ever seen, and I have seen many over the years.”

Rowena Stocks, General Manager – Organisational Capability, Kinetic IT


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