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HR Industry

Company overview

The talent partner and programme manager of Google’s DIGITIZE program in Singapore. DIGITIZE is an education program focused on training local talent to be the future leaders of the digital marketing industry.

the challenge

Accurately selecting and placing participants into the highly-coveted Google DIGITIZE program, with the talent partner receiving hundreds of applications for only a handful of placements.

The solution

  • Integration of the easy-to-use platform into existing infrastructure and processes.

  • Utilise Gooroo Mindspace to gain critical insight into a candidate’s mindset.

  • Ability to create a benchmark to assess and compare candidates for program suitability.


“Gooroo has exceeded all of my expectations. We have used psychometric tools in the past but found the results too generic to be of any value. Critical was the ability to measure candidates against a benchmark. Gooroo stood out to us as the most insightful, easy to use tool that was truly fit for our purpose.”

Country Manager, Singapore



  • Increased efficiency by successfully integrating Gooroo.

  • Increased selection accuracy confidence by applying innovative technology and scientific approach.

  • Provided Google, program partners and candidates with invaluable feedback and reporting to enhance the experience in the program.


“The insights gleaned from Gooroo Mindspace have been invaluable in helping us make our decisions so from a results perspective the objectives were well and truly met. The Mindspace reports are fathomable and easy to digest, and support from the team in terms of deeper interpretation and analysis was the icing on the cake for me.”

Country Manager, Singapore


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