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Health Industry

Company overview

Five major public hospitals in three Australian states, experiencing health and hygiene practice concerns, participated in a study with a view to gaining insight into mindset and thinking differences among health care worker categories, and how these, once recognised, could be leveraged to develop effective culture change initiatives and communications strategies.

the challenge

Despite irrefutable evidence that infection prevention decreases patient mortality, culture-change initiatives to improve compliance with infection prevention interventions (e.g. improving hand hygiene) had only resulted in variable uptake among different health care worker categories - uptake was often suboptimal, and doctors were known to be sceptical about guidelines generally.

The solution

Gooroo ColourGrid® was used to identify any differences between health care worker categories, and any generic personality differences between health care workers and the general Australian population, to guide overall culture-change strategies.


  • Findings suggested that different categories of health care workers showed personality differences which indicated the need for more targeted culture change strategies.

  • The study provided participating hospitals an insight into the personality differences between health care workers.

  • Suggested a generic “blueprint” of optimal educational and marketing approaches to improve uptake of culture change initiatives.

  • Allowed each hospital to leverage the insights to develop more accurately targeted initiatives and communication strategies, while avoiding expenditure on approaches that had little chance of success.


Case studies

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