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Graduate & Internship Programs

Company overview

A premier internship program designed to support high-growth technology start-ups. Computing and information system (CIS) undergraduate and post graduates are awarded paid internships and an opportunity to work with some of Melbourne’s best start-ups.

the challenge

Accurately selecting, placing and matching top candidates into internships with high growth technology start-ups.

The solution

  • Replace manual evaluation and selection process with easy-to-use automated Gooroo platform.

  • Use Gooroo-patented Mindspace to gain critical insight into a candidate’s mindset to enable better matching of candidates to companies.

  • Improve accuracy of matching candidates to roles and more roles filled.


“We chose Gooroo for a more scientific approach to ascertaining candidate fit to participating companies. The result was a much higher success rate of placed students matching the criteria.“

Chair - Industry Panel



  • Saved hours with complete digitisation of the application, shortlisting and selection process for the internship program.

  • Applied innovative technology to deliver a faster and more reliable selection and matching process.

  • Provided participating companies with invaluable insight into candidates’ aspirations, thinking preferences, and potential for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

  • Increased internships available versus internships placed from just over 50% to nearly 100%.

  • Improved overall experience of the program for both participating companies and candidates.


“To me the true test of the platform was whether we would get higher success rates for matching students to companies. With Gooroo, we got significantly higher matches. We’ve had great feedback from both candidates and companies.”

Chair - Industry Panel


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