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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Gooroo?

Gooroo has been built for organisations who agree that technology is going to play an important part in their futures. Consider Gooroo if you are wanting to;

  • Build higher performing teams. Leading change, disruption and transformation, through the science of human thinking.

  • Deliver more effective messaging. Gaining actionable insights you can apply immediately through an enriched understanding of your customers.

  • Transform careers. Empowering people to take more control over their future, by better matching individuals to careers, learning and job opportunities.

The Enterprise Platform

What is Gooroo Enterprise?


Can I access Gooroo's technology via an API or similar?

Gooroo Enterprise is a SaaS platform that powers business transformation, creating a world that understands how people think, through neuroscience, big data and technology.

Gooroo Enterprise supports;

  • People data capture via surveys that help understand the Mindspace of individuals and teams

  • Identifies and dynamically ranks prospective candidates (internal or external) from a list or database

  • Use of teams or individuals to build hiring benchmarks from survey data, that reflects the unique characteristics of a team and company

  • Provides unique data and reporting to support decision-making and planning and change management

  • Enables companies to build data rich talent pools to assist with future decision-making or problem solving.

Yes, Gooroo operates an API framework that allows for the exchange of data and key functions with other systems. Gooroo does not currently publish an open API and any requests for access should be made through a Gooroo relationship manager.

Platform how-to’s

How do I send out a survey?

How do I create a benchmark?

How do I generate an individual report?

How do I generate other reports?

  1. Log into your Gooroo Enterprise account

  2. Navigate to the survey group screen by selecting 'Evaluate' from the left hand menu

  3. Name the survey group in relation to your participants, the purpose of the survey or similar, this will help you locate and select if for future reference

  4. A unique survey URL will be created for each survey group - you can use this distribute to participants you wish to complete the survey

  5. If your participants have already completed the surveys you require - use the 'Add Participant' fields to include them in this survey group

  1. Navigate to the survey group screen by selecting 'Evaluate' from the left hand menu

  2. Select ‘Create’ in the Define your Requirement tile

  3. Click the blue edit button on the first line to update the Benchmark Group to the title of its related role or purpose e.g. “New sales team”

  4. Click off the title, and then select “add me” from the Set the benchmark yourself option

  5. This will add your name (or the login name) to the contributor section – to complete the survey select the hyperlink icon under the Workstyle column

  6. This will display the survey for you to complete to define your ‘Workstyle’ requirements for that particular or purpose

Once complete you can now associate this benchmark to any role you create in the Enterprise platform, or use it to create a ‘Comparison Report’ with a survey group

To generate and share an individual ColourGrid, or ColourGrid and Workstyle(ICE) report - click the ‘View Report’ button from the People tab

To generate reports where a Benchmark can be used to rank and score individuals skills and Workstyle (ICE) capacities;

  1. Navigate to the report screen by selecting 'Reports' from the left hand menu

  2. Use the ‘Generate a comparison report’ tile and select the required benchmark and survey group, select ‘Go’

  3. Use the ‘Generate a team report’ tile and select the required survey group, select ‘Go’

  4. Use the ‘Generate a benchmark report’ tile and select the required benchmark, select ‘Go’

How do I use the Jobs portal?

  1. On the left hand panel, click ‘Find’ to begin

  2. Select ‘Go to Jobs’ in the Recruit tile

  3. Using the Step by Step on-screen guide add your role details

  4. A good rule of thumb is to select between 5 and 10 skills for candidates to match to

  5. When you reach the Mindspace step please select the relevant Benchmark e.g. “New Sales team”, you have created previously, or select 'Create a new Benchmark' on the screen

  6. Click the ‘Preview’ link to see how your role looks before moving to the next step

  7. Select ‘Get Matches’ to review any existing participants who have completed surveys or applied for roles in your Enterprise account

  8. Alternatively use the unique URL generated on the next screen to advertise your role on Gooroo, or ask people to apply


The Science

What is Gooroo Mindspace?

Why we measure thinking

Gooroo Mindspace is a collection of strategic assessment tools used for executive decision making, problem-solving, change management and strategic thinking.

Built on 21st century neurological research and developed from 40 years of integrated work, it incorporates theory from a range of experts, including Edward deBono, Geert Hofstede, Prof Ronald Inglehart, Prof Bob Mathis and Dr Colin Benjamin OAM. Philosophy and neural science tells us that the past doesn't predict the future and that people have the power to change their minds and their access to opportunity.

Gooroo Mindspace represents a globally unique technology, that builds a mental model of all staff, teams and customers based on the how they think and make decisions. These insights are then used to identify the strategies, priorities and methods to inform transformation - delivering agility, competitiveness and entrepreneurism.

Understanding the thinking patterns of clients, colleagues and customers increases the sensitivity to their diverse and changing needs. It allows us to identify the hopes and expectations that shape each individual’s attitudes, behaviours, choices, decisions and evaluations. With this information, we can more effectively anticipate the levels of performance required and drivers of satisfaction.

Identifying and magnifying the untapped decision support capability of people as they gain experience, expertise and engagement at work and in life provides us with a totally unique, 720⁰ perspective that not only recognises individual growth potential but also informs role, team and company fit, and alignment to messaging.

In the future world of work, individuals need to be more flexible, adaptive and responsive to the changes and choices that foster innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism. They need not only to keep up, but get ahead of the game in the future workplace. Accordingly, Gooroo Mindspace provides the direction, clarity and confidence to unlock the pathways to future achievement and higher performance.