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Graduate selection at scale


With Xpand receiving hundreds of applications for only a handful of placements into the highly coveted Google DIGITIZE program, Gooroo provided the insights to transform the hiring process.


Gooroo assisted with:
Candidate evaluation, Benchmarking, Recruitment, Candidate and role reporting, Career planning, Advanced job matching, Cultural alignment

The goal of Google’s DIGITIZE program is to cultivate the next generation of digital leaders in Singapore. As the talent partner of this program, Xpand were able to select, with the help of Gooroo Mindspace, a handful of candidates—from amongst hundreds of applicants—that were the best fit and had the potential to deliver more and better.


The candidate selection process had been a time-consuming task, with Xpand reviewing hundreds of applications and CVs—from graduates with minimal or no prior work experience—to discern which applicants would best match the program requirements. 

It was difficult to tell the differences between candidates, as all CVs were largely similar and there was limited time to better understand each applicant’s expectations and aspirations, and how these aligned with the roles in the program.


Gooroo Mindspace was deployed to provide a more scientific approach to ascertaining candidate fit to the DIGITIZE Program.

The platform was used to identify key elements such as decision-making preferences, responses to certain situations, workplace perceptions and life motivations, and to produce a candidate profile providing insight into what an individual might do when faced with uncertainty or challenge; how they will approach work; how best to engage them in training and collaborative work; and what capacity they have for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Applicants were compared against these benchmarks to determine strong cultural fit to the program. All data from applicant surveys, each applicant’s personalised report, role-benchmark data, and group comparisons were instantly available to Xpand through the platform for further analysis.


  • Significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of the selection process by identifying best fit based on role benchmarks

  • Generated comparison reports to ascertain cultural fit

  • Provided valuable feedback not just to the applicants who were selected, but also to those who were not

  • Provided access to online reports on the successful applicants to Google and the program partners, enabling better interaction and management of the selected applicants in their new roles

  • Provided support to the selection team in terms of deeper interpretation and analysis

  • Deployed and integrated the platform into existing infrastructure, without adding time or complexity to existing processes

“The insights gleaned from Gooroo Mindspace have been invaluable in helping us make our decisions. Critical was the ability to measure candidates against a benchmark.

Gooroo has exceeded all of my expectations.”

Georgina Parker, Country Manager - Singapore, Xpand Group

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