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Creating team development plans and improving alignment


Kinetic IT were eager to explore new, innovative ways to understand their workforce better. The Gooroo solution drives performance by improving team collaboration.


Gooroo assisted with:
Team design, Workforce planning, Key outcomes, Immediate priorities, Decision-making framework, Talent aquisition, Staff development

Kinetic IT needed to determine and provide meaningful development plans to help their teams collaborate and perform strongly. However, this proved to be a big challenge for the company as the issues involved a large group of people with different personalities performing a diverse range of functions.


It was essential that Kinetic IT’s teams were aligned to both the company’s objectives and the expectations of their customers. This could be a delicate balancing act. Often, as a customer’s needs developed, teams were pulled in different directions, impacting their performance. 

Kinetic IT needed to quickly figure out the best approach to intervene and provide meaningful development plans to help their teams move in the right direction.


The Gooroo platform uses behavioural neuroscience to identify key elements in an individual—decision-making preferences, responses to certain situations, workplace perceptions and life motivations—to produce a profile which provides insight into what an individual might do when faced with uncertainty or challenge; how they will approach work; how best to engage them in training and collaborative work; and their capacity for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Each team member was asked to complete the Mindspace survey through the Gooroo platform. The data provided information about each team member’s mindset and approach to work in a simple and time-efficient format. 

All data continues to be accessible by Kinetic IT for insights and future analysis. Participants were also given access to their own results.

Action sets

  • Utilise the team data to direct the most optimal development plans 

  • Set clear, specific and actionable insights to address the gaps in alignment with business outcomes

  • Create team development plans with priorities based on ease and impact

  • Provide a benchmark against which Kinetic IT can measure the impact of their development plans and account strategies

  • Track and measure growth via further evaluations of the same teams, when compared to the original data

  • Extend the Gooroo platform to assist with talent acquisition and also the development of new staff coming into the business

“We chose Gooroo for the platform’s ability to generate insight into the way people think and their potential contribution to growing an organisation.

These are the most insightful, accurate and actionable team evaluations I have ever seen, and I have seen many over the years.”

Rowena Stocks, General Manager – Organisational Capability, Kinetic IT

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