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Wondering how your business will take on a tech-driven future? Delivering insights on how a market thinks to unlock better decisions and results.


Guiding cultural change initiatives

Five major Australian hospitals were aiming to improve engagement with Health Care Workers. Gooroo was leveraged to develop effective communications and culture change strategies.

Read the Health Industry case study


Aligning production with consumer demand

Helping a multi-national auto manufacturer to build high performance teams, create trust across the organisation, and improve its bottom line.

Read the Auto Industry case study


Preparing for the future of work

Gooroo has applied its technology to provide insights into the issues currently being examined by the Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers.

Read the Future of Work and Workers case study


Setting strategic direction for the Board and management team

Elabor8 serves clients who have an appetite for change. Gooroo’s solution allowed the Board and management team to diversify their thinking.

Read the Elabor8 case study

Graduate selection at scale

With Xpand receiving hundreds of applications for only a handful of placements into the highly coveted Google DIGITIZE program, Gooroo provided the insights to transform the hiring process.

Read the Xpand case study


Connecting candidates to careers

TAB was looking to deliver a higher success rate when matching candidates to roles. The Gooroo platform provided a more scientific approach and eliminated the guesswork.

Read the TAB case study


Creating team development plans and improving team alignment

Kinetic IT were eager to explore new, innovative ways to understand their workforce better. The Gooroo solution drives performance by improving team collaboration.

Read the Kinetic IT case study



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