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Building pathways to your aspirations

Information is everywhere. Find pathways to progress to clarify your needs, wants, hopes and expectations.


Maximise potential

By looking at the way people think and approach challenges, organise your workforce to ensure the right thinking (‘talent’) is identified and applied to the right challenges.


Get access and training in advanced strategic thinking models to help shape organisational and workforce strategy and priorities. Leverage Gooroo’s science to understand what’s needed, and to design more engaged and effective teams.

Leave doubt behind

Moving on from what we already know and how we have done things before makes us more efficient and protects us in times of crisis. Uncover the hidden truths and meaning in your people, your teams, the organisation and your customers to make more confident decisions.


By understanding the motivators and patterns of decision making of individuals and communities, communications can be more personalised to drive higher levels of engagement, conversion and action.


Know more about yourself

Get your own detailed analysis and access to the full profile report. It’s all waiting to be uncovered.


Learn how to make the most of your team

The right thinking unlocks the potential for the right approaches. Implement and integrate ColourGrid® for individual, teams and organisational change.


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About the author

Dr Colin Benjamin OAM

Dr Colin Benjamin OAM, FAICD, MAASW
Inventor ColourGrid®, Futurist, Polymath

Dr Colin Benjamin OAM, FAICD, MAASW is internationally recognised as a leading Australian polymath and futurist, a global leader in research and future trends, and the creator of strategic thinking tools and validated customer, consumer and community preference scales.

He is the author of Gooroo ColourGrid®, which aims to facilitate an understanding of the way that people go about making up their minds about social, cultural, economic and behavioural factors—often referred to as “mindspaces”—to better to help design more effective teams, evaluate individual fit to a role, inform succession planning, and evaluate a team’s alignment to strategy and the competitive environment they face.

As Director General of ‘Life. Be in it.’™, Dr Benjamin has applied over 40 years of advanced social profiling and neuroscience and has developed job creation programs to achieve the ‘Life. Be in it.’™ objective to get everyone to “Live MORE of Your Life” and “Be MORE Active.



Empowering Career choices for everyone

Gooroo ColourGrid® introduces more than 500 position descriptions and provides guidance for everyone interested in making more and better choices. 

ColourGrid® is based on advanced neuroscience research that helps us understand how we make up our minds. This insight can be used to construct meaning between our decision-making patterns, personal motivations, preferred career pathways, our habits of mind, levels of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism, team dynamics and organisational culture; to create ‘MORE’ and ‘BETTER’ in our personal lives and in our companies.



"How we make up our Minds" covers:

  • Questions that make choosing courses and jobs easier.

  • Mental toolkits that contribute to Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurism (I.C.E).

  • A step by step outline of the way to understand and interpret the Gooroo ColourGrid®.

This book is designed to improve increased productivity, solutions and autonomy. Vocational counsellors, parents and jobseekers will find step by step approaches to making up minds about jobs and better careers in the pages of this book.




“...Illuminating. It reminded me of the importance of knowing oneself, knowing what one wants to do, and what one is capable of doing. Strategy is, quite simply put, an action plan with checks to achieve a specified outcome. This book shows the individual how they can decide to do this.”

— David Greenhalgh, International Strategic Marketing Executive

“Finding someone a job – and the right job – especially in the rapidly-changing world of work is one of society’s big issue and the focus of this new book from Dr Colin Benjamin OAM, one of Australia’s leading futurists. ... A remarkable contribution.”

— Amanda Gome, CEO, Notable Media and Founder of SmartCompany

“The ColourGrid® is but one of Colin’s initiatives — and much more space would be required to describe his immense capacity for work, his involvement in community programs and his individual accomplishments.”

— Robert Palmer TPTC. B Ed., Founder of The Education Professionals and OSSNET

“In two words, the Gooroo ColourGrid® is genius and revolutionary. Designed to help us understand our minds; who we are, and where we are at. This insight opens possibilities, empowering and giving hope to the disengaged, and insight to the sharpest CEO to see positive opportunities for their futures.”

— Jo Moss, Educator, community service leader, youth worker, and career coach



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