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What’s needed for more valuable people transformation in 2019


Cognizant’s recent Jobs of the Future index shows that there is a rise in jobs in sectors that have a high-tech, high-touch approach (definition below). This includes the health and wellbeing industry, where fitness counsellors and personal care aides use “tech-enabled solutions” such as wearables and telemedicine.  

A practical application of this logic is that deploying a similar high-tech, high-touch approach to your people transformation in 2019 will lead to something more valuable.

The critical question is: how do we take advantage of our underlying thinking styles and preferences, known as Mindspaces, to achieve people transformation and succeed in workforces of the future?

Indeed, with the value of the global digital transformation market estimated last year at $20 trillion US, there is too much at stake to not incorporate people into your transformation, lest your organization suffers a “whale fall”, in the words of GHD digital innovation practice director, Jacyl Shaw, or a slow descent into oblivion.  

To move forward with people transformation and business success, we need to understand what we’re transforming people from and into.

As Philip Watt writes, “Humans are by nature analogue creatures, that’s to say, they approximate things and have ‘feelings’.”

This is consistent with Gooroo Ventures’ submission to the Australian Senate’s 2018 Inquiry into the Future of Work and Workers. Our submission showed:

·       The potential of artificial intelligence (machine learning and data sciences) to facilitate a more and better match between the technological thinking associated with human resource development in an increasingly sophisticated technological environment.

·       The necessity to balance the “high touch” elements of human thinking with the “high tech” elements of most emerging jobs and positions in the future of work by improving the flow of ideas, imagination and insights associated with more and better matches of talent potential against aspirations, goals and objectives.

According to Heather Simpson, the factors that will enable this people transformation process to occur are:

·       Trust

·       Humility

·       Collaboration

·       Teams

·       Self-learning

·       Transparency

·       Risk

·       Listening

“A good starting point is to surround yourself with digital people who inspire you to think and operate differently,” Simpson adds.

But what if, instead of thinking differently, we could think with more value? This would enable people transformation at a number of levels, especially at the Board and executive management levels.

With digital transformation the most significant issue confronting Australia’s leaders going into 2019 (according to KPMG), there is a tendency to lose focus on another business dimension that’s just as important in the transformation triangle: people transformation.

Gooroo is committed to helping your organisation build higher-performing teams and lead change, disruption and transformation with the science of human thinking.

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