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Christchurch: words that matter to us all in making up our minds


Dr. Colin Benjamin OAM FAICD MAASW, an internationally-recognised Australian polymath and futurist, is the author of ColourGrid®. Based on 40 years of advanced neuroscience research, Gooroo ColourGrid® helps us understand how we make up our minds. As the Scientific Advisor and Global Futurist at Gooroo, Dr. Benjamin is working to integrate the ColourGrid® toolkit into Gooroo technology.

US and THEM cut down lives,

IF words of hate are weapons sharper than knives.

Let's open our minds to all that is OURS,

avoiding expression spoken only in flowers.

ONLY IF everyone thinks more of "I" and "WE",

can freedom of speech truly be free,

Praying for the peace that failed to arrive,

where unthinkable thoughts were kept alive.

IF ONLY the media moguls are more responsive and care,

finding thoughts that we CAN all share;

Fifty good souls COULD still be alive,

sharing the diversity in which everyone thrives.

Dr Colin Benjamin