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How to make better decisions


Dr. Colin Benjamin OAM, FAICD, MAASW, an internationally-recognised Australian polymath and futurist, is the author of ColourGrid®. Based on 40 years of advanced neuroscience research, Gooroo ColourGrid® helps us understand how we make up our minds. As the Scientific Advisor and Global Futurist at Gooroo, Dr. Benjamin is working to integrate the ColourGrid® toolkit into Gooroo technology.

Complexity and confusion are the barriers to better decisions.

For those who need and want to overcome these barriers and obstacles, there are some simple steps to human thinking.

In my recent book for Gooroo Ventures, How We Make Up Our Minds, we set out a dozen steps to better decisions.

The first step is to clarify goals and objectives to know what CAN be done and what COULD open the doors to better pathways.

Then, it’s necessary to examine the necessary conditions for change and choice IF and ONLY IF we are to move forward

There MAY be many ways to get preferred and desired results that WILL take plans towards goals and objectives.

Good decisions are always the right ones after the fact. Better decisions involve both risks and rewards WHEN considering the options and THEN following up with appropriate actions.

The key to success lies in setting priorities and matching them against preferences to determine what MUST be done — what’s necessary and sufficient to get better outcomes, if there is the WILL and determination to follow through to demand results.

HOW WE MAKE UP OUR MINDS by Dr Colin Benjamin OAM FAICD MAASW can be explored at and

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