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Gooroo and Microsoft —building technology skills of the future


“We are very proud to be extending our partnership with Microsoft to provide graduates and transitioning workers the opportunity to feel supported and build a successful technology career that aligns with their passions and mindset.”

Greg Muller, Founder and CEO


We’re excited to announce a new learning initiative with Microsoft, Gooroo Learn on Open edX.

Gooroo Learn delivers a curated selection of courses and development pathways for the technology skills most in demand today. Getting talent job-ready while providing individuals the opportunity to stand out from the pack with a coveted Microsoft certification.

Gooroo services provide end-to-end career guidance, mapping the skills and mindset of today, to the roles of tomorrow. Gooroo Learn complements this capability with customised ‘Introductory’ and ‘What’s Next’ video guides tailored to each Microsoft Professional Program track.

Microsoft Regional Director Orin Thomas lends his experienced and trusted voice to this series; capturing his own brand of advice, support, and career tips for technology professionals.

The Gooroo Tech community alongside Gooroo Learn helps people explore, learn and complete courses that expand their technology career opportunities.

Match: Gooroo’s skills matching engine recommends the right course for you and your career.

Learn: Get started anytime, anywhere with Gooroo’s Microsoft edX program and learn valuable skills.

Certify: Add your Microsoft certification to your Gooroo or Linkedin profile, or add it to your CV.

Earn: Gain better and higher paid job opportunities in high-demand markets across ICT and more.

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