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Patenting human thinking — How We Make Up Our Minds


Next month, Gooroo Human Thinking Research Unit will publish a book that provides background to our ground-breaking patent application setting out sixteen Mindspaces that improve ways to make up our minds.

Gooroo Scientific Advisor and Global Futurist, Dr Colin Benjamin, OAM FAICD MAASW has worked with neuroscientists, organisational psychologists and other social scientists to produce a book titled How We Make Up Our Minds.

The innovative feature of the book is that unlike other mindware books, it is a practical guide on how we make up our minds for more and better decisions to live more of our lives and be more active.

How We Make Up Our Minds provides background studies into patterns of executive decision-making set out in the recent Gooroo application for a world-first patent on human thinking.

In the words of Jo Moss, an educator, community service leader, youth worker, and career coach, the Gooroo ColourGrid® is “a tool that is designed to help people, help business, help community issues such as unemployment, and empower the job seeker. It develops the participants’ understanding of their journey; their mind journey, and their potential”.

We now appreciate that our brain is like the United Nations, with billions of changes and choices being made every second of the day. There are trillions of points of view, billions of habits of mind, and thousands of frames of reference struggling to get our attention and support

In October 2017, Gooroo lodged a patent application on the process of human thinking — securing Gooroo’s globally unique ability to map the decision-making patterns of individuals.

The application of this intellectual property is both significant for organisations that seek to better understand and engage their workforce, and customers to make more and better use of performance domains.

By enabling more and better decisions to live more of our lives and be more active, the strategic workforce planning and intelligent people analytics platform has been influenced by a common set of sixteen mindspaces that have been colour-coded to align with the Six Thinking Hats© and Six Action Shoes of Dr Edward de Bono.

The Gooroo ColourGrid® system links the Hofstede and Trompenaars cultural dimensions with data obtained from two sources: the Australian National Census, and from Roy Morgan Research, an Australian company that has regularly conducted detailed direct consumer marketing research over the past 70 years on social, political and economic trends.

Just as we have learned to apply 3 colours to traffic management, with red indicating danger and green providing safe movement, our mind calls on sixteen globally accessible colours to reduce complexity and construct clear pathways to progress.

The Gooroo patent records this set of sixteen colours as an Advanced Relational Meaning System (ARMS), as part of the Gooroo ColourGrid® Human Thinking Patent.

The patent sets out the fundamentals of the algorithm that tracks and traces people’s ways of sorting through changes and choices in just a few minutes. This provides a sort of mental DNA that helps in the processes of change and choice of living systems.

In a couple of minutes, a small indicative sample is taken for Gooroo analytics to generate your current pattern of thinking. Like a blood test for diabetes, you can complete the survey many times to compare the results.

There are no right or wrong answers, biases or critical analyses, but a quick overall summary is immediately available.

Rapid change, increasing turbulence, and uncertainty in every industry necessitates foundation studies of the accessible links between brain, mind and consciousness.

When the patent is approved, it will be possible for preferred organisations to become qualified in the application and interpretation of links with a wide range of other decision and personality profiling tools.

To gain an advanced copy for review of ‘How We Make Up Our Minds’speak with Dr Benjamin about the forthcoming book or to personally experience the Gooroo ColourGrid® approach and get a brief summary of dominant patterns of thinking, contact [email protected]

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