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The Mindspaces of Technological Thinking


Dr. Colin Benjamin OAM, FAICD, MAASW, an internationally-recognised Australian polymath and futurist, is the author of ColourGrid®. Based on 40 years of advanced neuroscience research, Gooroo ColourGrid® helps us understand how we make up our minds. As the Scientific Advisor at Gooroo, Dr. Benjamin is working to integrate the ColourGrid® toolkit into Gooroo technology.

Differences in people’s mindsets and the impact and adoption of new technology has a significant impact on productivity, solutions and the challenges of change. In a global environment of increasing turbulence and uncertainty, attitudes to technological thinking provide some insight into the way that different people make up their minds about choices and changes.

In a national study of attitudes to technology, Gooroo has found that there are clear patterns that underpin many responses to acceptance of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism. Through two groups of ten thousand respondents to a national survey of attitudes to technology, it is possible to identify very significant differences in approach.

The two groups of people (PROTECH n=9,796 and SLOTECH n=9,729) were selected on the basis of their indication of being early adopters or positive to technological change (PRO) or inclusion among those who were resistant to take-up of new technology (SLO).

Gooroo looked at their responses to questions on their optimism about the future. People who are generally optimistic about the future are relatively equally divided between those that are positive and negative to the introduction of new technology. However, those who are generally pessimistic about the future are significantly more likely to resist new technology

Table 1: Attitudes to technology and optimism about the future


The differences in responses can be seen in the level of take-up of new products and services that involve new technology. This has a significant influence on the acceptance of change and success of new market entrants that involve new product development and start-up success.

Table 2: Attitudes to technology and level of take-up of new products and services


The differences between the two approaches to technology can be seen in the differences on the Gooroo ColourGrid®. The score of 100 represents the average mid-point between those more or less open to adoption of new technology. This Gooroo ColourGrid® demonstrates that attitudes to technological change reflects mental attitudes to new product acceptance and contributes to the appropriate application of talent to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism.

Table 3: Attitudes to technology mindspaces on the Gooroo ColourGrid® (Index = 100)


The sixteen colour tiles provide a consistent link between traditional tests of personal differences adopted widely in recruitment programs and the similarities between candidates with a higher potential contribution to design and development of new technology.

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