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The new Q on the block


The digital incursion into our workplaces continues. Autonomous devices and smart machines continue to change the world of work, change the work we will be doing. In this landscape of rapid change, increasing uncertainty and high turbulence; having the right people and teams in place is critical to an organisation’s ability not just to adapt to the challenges that technology poses, but also to leverage the opportunities it provides for innovation, market leadership, and greater profitability.

And so it is that old methods of talent identification are being challenged by considerations that go further than IQ and EQ tests.

The volume of candidates with higher than average test scores on IQ (a number obtained from standardised intelligence tests) and EQ (the ability to sense and understand human emotions, and effectively apply this acumen to guide thinking and behaviour) has increased, compelling talent scouts to look beyond the resume, IQ and EQ scores.

In order to evaluate individual fit to a role, hiring managers are now forced to rely more on skills audits, assessment centres, and practice assignments. There is scope for new measures that emphasize an individual’s future potential over his/her history.

So, what is the newest Q in the arena of recruitment and workforce planning?

Gooroo has instituted a R&D examination of aspiration, aptitude, and attitude as they relate to an individual’s future potential, that it refers to as TQ. TQ (Technology Quadrant) scores show an individual’s relative position in a field of technological thinking that reflects orientation towards innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism. Attitudes to technology provide some insight into the way that different people make up their minds about choices and changes.

Differences in people’s mindsets; their willingness to adopt new technology; and the impact that it has on them, can have a significant influence on productivity, solutions and autonomous contributions to change and communication.

Unlike IQ, EQ and even RQ (Reputation Quotient) measures that are created from normative surveys of populations and generated on the basis of regression statistical analytics in the form of “quotients”, the Q in TQ refers to the combination of theoretical quadrants which reflect experience, expertise, and engagement; indicating future potential rather than focusing on past performance.

TQ scores allow talent scouts to identify the best candidates by matching their future potential for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism to the role’s demand for these criteria.

Gooroo invites you to explore the potential of TQ by visiting and experiencing ColourGrid™ or contacting us on [email protected] for more information.

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