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Partners and awards

Partners and awards

PeoplePlus partnership


“The team at Gooroo have demonstrated they have advanced capability that we believe will make an important difference to how we place long-term job seekers.

Their intelligent platform and methodology will deliver an opportunity for us to achieve better outcomes for the jobseeker, the Australian Government and the future prosperity of our country.”

Con Kittos, Executive Chairman - PeoplePlus

PeoplePlus is partnering with Gooroo to bring new capability and cutting-edge innovation to the jobactive sector. Gooroo technology will be implemented to improve the conversion of long-term job seekers into sustainable and meaningful work.

PeoplePlus are a leading provider of employment services to Australian State and Commonwealth Governments. Gooroo technology will be used to assist job seekers in understanding their own mindset, skills and passions, offering a self-directed experience in which individuals are able to explore careers and opportunities which align to their own objectives for their future.