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Partners and awards

Partners and awards

Xpand partnership


“We have utilised psychometric tools in the past but found the results too shallow and generic to be of any value. We needed a tool that harnessed the power of more sophisticated technology to extract information that would facilitate our decision-making process, instead of being just a “cosmetic” supplement. Critical to our process was the ability to measure candidates against a benchmark—we had data from a previous iteration of the program, so we had a valuable opportunity to apply real intelligence to this assessment. Gooroo stood out to us as the most insightful tool that was truly fit for our purpose.

Whenever we engage a third party, it is not just the results that are important but also ease of implementation, use and ongoing support. The insights gleaned from Gooroo Mindspace have been invaluable in helping us make our decisions so from a results perspective the objectives were well and truly met. Gooroo is very easy to use, but beyond that, the team couldn’t do enough for us in terms of setting everything up as we required. The Mindspace reports are fathomable and easy to digest, and support from the team in terms of deeper interpretation and analysis was the icing on the cake for me. I look forward to working with them on projects in the future.”

Georgina Parker, Country Manager, Singapore - Xpand Group

Xpand partnered with Gooroo for a more scientific approach to talent selection for the Google DIGITIZE program. DIGITIZE is an education program focused on training local talent to be the future experts and leaders of the Singapore digital marketing industry.

With the use of Gooroo Mindspace tools, Xpand were not only able to provide more insightful feedback to each applicant based on their survey reports, but also give the applicants access to personalised online reports. Online reports on the selected applicants were also made available to Google and the program partners.

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