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Partners and awards

Partners and awards

KPMG Solution 49x partnership


"We have been working hard on building new service lines and solutions that integrate the Gooroo technology and intellectual property. Gooroo represents an important cog in our strategy and we are excited about the significant opportunities that are now in front of us both.

We believe that our relationship with Gooroo will deliver significant commercial returns for the firm this year. In addition, we also see the Gooroo platform playing an important role in how we plan for and build our teams internally, and it is our expectation that Gooroo’s reach will continue to expand throughout the firm." 

Rod Bryan, Lead Partner - Solution 49x, KPMG Australia

Gooroo announced a partnership Solution 49x, the Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence division of KPMG’s Advisory practice. This division was established to transform the decision-making capability and performance of enterprises through the integration of advanced analytics, psychology and data-driven technologies.

Internally, Gooroo will be used by KPMG to:

  • recruit staff and streamline third party recruiters

  • provide analytics to support more confident decision making around how KPMG develops, structures and grows its people and teams

  • support the alignment of consultants to client engagements.

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