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Partners and awards

Partners and awards

Tin Alley Beta partnership


“We chose Gooroo for a more scientific approach to ascertaining candidate fit to participating companies. The result was a much higher success rate of placed students matching the criteria.

The true test of the platform was whether we would get higher success rates for matching students to companies. With Gooroo, we got significantly higher matches. We went from filling about half the internships offered to almost all of them. We’ve had great feedback from both candidates and companies.”

Catherine Curry, Chair - Industry Panel - Tin Alley Beta

Tin Alley Beta (TAB) partnered with Gooroo to bring a more scientific approach when selecting, placing and matching computing and information system (CIS) undergraduate and post graduate students into internships with high growth technology start-ups. The insights that the platform was able to generate were invaluable to companies looking to nurture interns into permanent employees.

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