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About Gooroo

Gooroo is the global leader in the science of human thinking transforming the way people, organisations and communities make decisions about the future.

The Gooroo story

In 2013, Founder & CEO Greg Muller had a vision to transform the way people prepared for the future, and how employers shaped their organisation in an increasingly technologically-driven, turbulent world.

It started with a commitment to the individual - to understand their passions and the environments in which they would thrive. It was crucial that insights contributed to building hope, expectation and aspiration.

What we have learnt is that a person's experience and expertise is only telling part of their story. To deliver truly transformative value (at an individual, organisational and societal level); an understanding of the entire person was needed, with an ability to deliver at massive scale.

In 2016 Gooroo acquired ColourGrid, an advanced and integrated research framework in human decision making and neuroscience. In 2017, we submitted a patent application on the process of how we make up our minds. In 2018, we launched the book.

We believe

We believe the world is happier when we have hope and expect something more and better for our life. 

We believe that a better understanding of how we think and make decisions helps to connect people with opportunity where they're more likely to thrive and be successful.

We believe that innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial skills are available to everyone, but that we don't necessarily have the 'tools' to understand and harness these mindsets.

New, transformative capability - on A GLOBAL SCALE

Gooroo provides the platform you need to build, co-design and optimise for high performance and growth. Our partners are leading employers, consultancies, service providers and government delivering strategy, transformation and communication programs with a focus on innovation, growth and effectiveness. 


Get to know yourself

Make your life more meaningful by making better decisions.


The science

We have the tools to understand how people think, and how they can contribute their best to your team.


Training programs

If you need to know how to find - and keep - the right teams for your business, we can teach you how. 


Gooroo highlights

2017 iAwards Innovation of the Year Winner

Gooroo was recognised as Innovation of the Year by peak industry body AIIA in the Big Data & Machine Learning category at the Victorian iAwards. The iAwards are the most recognised and prestigious technology innovation award in Australia. 

Global alliance with Microsoft

In January 2016 Gooroo signed a three-year alliance with Microsoft. For this alliance, Gooroo is providing access to career management tools for their community of certified professionals around the globe. 

Patenting the process of 'how we think'

In October 2017, Gooroo lodged a patent application on the process of human thinking - securing Gooroo’s globally unique ability to map the decision-making patterns of individuals.


Gooroo wrote a submission for the Australian Senate’s Inquiry into the Future of Work and Workers, and then gave evidence at a hearing in Melbourne.


Gooroo Human Thinking Research Unit is publishing a book that provides background to our ground-breaking patent application setting out sixteen Mindspaces that improve ways to make up our minds.


An article by Tom Brown, Gooroo Chairman talking to Human Resourcess Director magazine discussing six ways to prepare your HR team for the future.