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Connecting candidates to careers


TAB was looking to deliver a higher success rate when matching candidates to roles. The Gooroo platform provided a more scientific approach and eliminated the guesswork.


Gooroo assisted with:
Candidate evaluation, Benchmarking, Recruitment, Candidate and role reporting, Career planning, Advanced job matching, Cultural alignment

Tin Alley Beta (TAB) needed to update their processes for accurately selecting, placing and matching undergraduate and postgraduate students into roles with high-growth companies. With increasing numbers of applicants each year, and expectations from candidates and employers growing, a highly effective solution was required.


The TAB team, in cooperation with major Australian universities, had been manually evaluating student applications to identify top student candidates for roles. 

The manual evaluation, ranking, and shortlisting process required considerable time and effort and became more demanding as applicant numbers increased year on year. 

To allow the recruitment program to continue to scale up, TAB needed a faster, more effective and accurate solution. 


Each applicant was asked to complete a short survey managed through the Gooroo platform, with a view to gathering data in a simple and time-efficient manner about the applicant’s mindset and approach to work. 

Stakeholders were given access to the Gooroo platform, where they were able to create better, more accurate role descriptions by defining requisite skills and proficiency levels. Previously they had been limited to traditional job descriptions and skills tables. They could also define role benchmarks on the platform, based on candidates who had been successful previously. 

When presented with hundreds of student applications, Gooroo’s matching and ranking technologies did the work, comparing candidate profiles to role descriptions and benchmarks. Gooroo supplied a dashboard view into how candidates were ranked and matched by suitability for the roles available. 


  • Delivered a higher success rate of candidates placed

  • Complete digitisation of the application, shortlisting and selection process improved the overall experience

  • Greatly reduced the burden on TAB and university resources who had been manually evaluating and shortlisting candidates for companies to interview in previous years

  • Participating stakeholders were given total control over role descriptions, benchmarks and shortlisting

  • Increased involvement in the process served to deepen the commitment to better outcomes and better candidate relationships

  • Valuable insights were generated from applicants’ surveys about their aspirations, thinking preferences, and potential for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism

“To me, the true test of the platform was whether we would get higher success rates for matching students to companies. With Gooroo, we got significantly higher matches.

We’ve had great feedback from both candidates and companies.”

Catherine Curry, Chair - Industry Panel, Tin Alley Beta

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