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Preparing for the future of work


Gooroo has applied its technology to provide insights into the issues examined by the Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers.


Gooroo assisted with:
Cohort analysis, Learning and development, People engagement, Career pathways, Reporting and analysis

The Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers was established to inquire and report on the impact of technological and other change on the future of work and workers in Australia.

Gooroo’s response to the Commitee is focused on improving the capacity of individuals to make clearer and better decisions. In turn, driving freedom of choice, increased engagement and value delivery, at all levels of society.


People have different responses to the threats and opportunities for the uncertain and volatile future.

It is the future access to meaningful work which drives the anxiety of people feeling at risk of being left behind.

People who feel threatened by technology are more likely to become obese or suffer preventable chronic disease. The growing dependency on healthcare to manage preventable illnesses, such as obesity, is currently sitting on $20bn a year.

“Success in the jobs of the future will require increasing demands on our capacity to ‘think’ and make decisions.

We must commit to more sustainable solutions that will underpin our ability to thrive and compete internationally, for the future of our families and our kids.”

Greg Muller, CEO and founder, Gooroo

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