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Aligning production with consumer demand


Helping a multi-national auto manufacturer to build high performance teams, create trust across the organisation, and improve its bottom line.


Gooroo assisted with:
Individual and team-based cultural assessments, Team development, People engagement, Transformation, Decision-making framework, Organisational and cultural development

In an era of rapid change and globalisation of production, this auto manufacturer wanted to realign local production practices with changing patterns of customer and consumer demand in a cost-effective manner. The entire staff would need to work with key customer representatives to look for ways to eliminate waste and cut the cost of products and services, while maintaining high standards for quality and innovation.


Government subsidies for retention of the entire auto industry were being withdrawn, and support for local production required substantial cuts in unit costs, greater alliance between marketing and manufacturing and greater engagement of all staff in finding business solutions.

The automotive industry was facing pressures to increase productivity and develop export markets to achieve viability against cheaper labour costs closer to larger domestic markets at the same time as major production technology transfers.


Under direction of a multi-cultural executive team, a series of action learning team projects were adopted under the theme ‘Drivers of Change’. This approach would require a high level of personal commitment from all staff members, an understanding of other roles, and the enjoyment that comes from participation in a winning team.

A range of tools, now part of the Gooroo platform, were integrated into sections of the company in order to help recognise and then achieve these conditions, and also support the action learning approach.


  • The intervention tools allowed the auto manufacturer to employ cross cultural and strategic thinking processes to achieve organisational transformation

  • The strategy was deployed with the support of employer and employee stakeholders

  • Respect for others; sincere, open communication; and an appreciation for diversity as a contributor to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism were acknowledged as preconditions for employee, dealer and customer satisfaction

  • Used as part of a total business systems audit internally, this toolkit helped the company establish a greater degree of collaboration

  • Assisted with the integration of technological advances and market appreciation of superior quality, globally competitive production processes

“Over a decade, this organisational transformation took the company to number 1 in its industry, with dramatic increases in exports and distribution chain engagement.”

Dr Colin Benjamin OAM FAICD MAASW, Scientific Advisor, Gooroo

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