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The transformation platform

We apply our unique technology and human thinking science to empower everyone and every organisation to achieve their true potential.

Build higher performing teams

Gooroo helps leaders activate the capacity within their people so that they can adapt, learn and act more confidently.

Deliver more effective messaging

Gaining actionable insights you can apply immediately through an enriched understanding of your customers.

Transform careers

Empowering people to take more control over their future, by better matching individuals to careers, learning and job opportunities.


The GOOROO difference


“Gooroo technology understands how different people think and make decisions, in their work and in their lives.”

Greg Muller - CEO and founder, Gooroo | Tom Brown - Chairman, Gooroo


From the Blog

Changing the bank mindset — Let’s get SMART

Making the move from heavy-handed and impractical regulation, to actively listening to, engaging with and responding to sources of customer dissatisfaction.
February 4, 2019

Creating cultures for commitment: The new business of banking

Replacing transactions with transformation as the criterion for corporate promotion across every financial institution.
December 4, 2018


Career History, Mindspaces and Big Data

Imagine you have the power to model individuals’ career preferences, including the environment and the type of work they most prefer and are most likely to flourish in, early in their career.
August 31, 2018


Careers snakes and ladders

How can we do better in a process that plays a large part in determining a student’s future?
November 21, 2018


Gooroo and Microsoft - building technology skills of the future

Gooroo Learn delivers a curated selection of courses and development pathways for the technology skills most in demand today.
August 3, 2018


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